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Wasps, Flies & Ants

We are a licensed and accredited pest control business established in 2002 operating in the Kilkenny, Carlow, Waterford or Clonmel area. Our fully trained staff will effectively deal with insect removal from your home, sheds, outhouses, garden or business premises including pest treatment for wasps, hornets, ants, beetles, bed bugs, silverfish, weevils and woodworm.
Dealing with a wasp problem as soon as possible will avoid a larger infestation - Quickill Pest Control, Kilkenny, Ireland


Wasps' nests are generally hidden from site and situated in the ground, in trees, hedges or eves or inside buildings: in air vents, behind fascia boards, attic spaces, chimneys etc. Queen wasps build their nests in April and the nests can grow to be as large as a football later in the summer. Generally you will not actually catch sight of the nest but just notice the wasps flying in and out of the opening. Adult wasps eat plant nectar and fruit. and collect insects and caterpillars to feed to their larvae.

If you think you have a wasp nest in your property, contact us for expert advice and assistance. Dealing with the problem as soon as possible will avoid a larger infestation. We can remove these from your home / business or garden quickly and efficiently.
Wasps, Flies & Ants


Flies can infest your home or business and if the problem is left without effective treatment it can turn into a serious infestation. Some fly species mature from eggs to adults in as little as seven days and flies can spread diseases like Salmonella and E. coli if they are in contact with food sources.

If you identify signs of a fly infestation then contact us for some expert advice.
Wasps, Flies & Ants


The Black Garden Ant, commonly found in Ireland, is 3-5 mm in length, and is black or very dark brown. In the mating season, of July and August, some of the ants grow wings and once a new queen has mated she will discard her wings and find a suitable location for a tunnel for her new colony. Colonies can be detected by the small piles of earth around holes in the soil or at the base of exterior walls. Ants can roam over a wide area in search for food: once located, other members of the colony will follow established trails to cluster around the food source, creating a nuisance in homes and businesses.

If you notice an ant problem in your home or business then there are some steps you can take the limit the problem If you are still having trouble with these annoying pests, then contact us for assistance.